Wednesday, April 12, 2017

"How To Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia" by Mohsin Hamid *****

  • Audiobook
  • Pakistani author
  • Originally published in 2013
  • Self-help format
  • UCR Book Club
  • Review:  Hamid's writing is brilliant!  The unique approach of a novel constructed as a self-help book is really clever without feeling at all gimmicky.  The dark humor is delivered perfectly in this audio edition of the book, read to us by the author.  Hamid's use of language is nothing short of masterful!  This novel mocks the dream of wealth and the path one might be forced to travel in order to achieve it.  The overall effect is a smart, tongue-in-cheek denouncement of a life spent seeking riches, a somewhat frightening perception of corporate dark machinations, and a resounding socio-political statement!

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