Saturday, April 8, 2017

"A Strangeness in My Mind" by Orhan Pamuk *****

  • Summer Read with Beth
  • Turkish author
  • Originally published in 2015
  • Review:  I will be honest and say that until about page 250 I felt I was dragging myself through the book a bit.  Suddenly, and OMG moment and I was glued to it right to the end.  The tears are still drying on my cheeks as I write this review.  Tears for love, for loss, for change, for intentions of the heart and intentions of the word.  Mevlut, the dear boza selling protagonist takes us through the streets of Istanbul over fifty years of his life.  Somehow he remains pure of heart despite the dramatic political, religious, economic, and sociological changes which occur during his lifetime.  I will not soon forget this lovely, lovely man. I have a powerful yearning to walk the streets of the Istanbul neighborhoods in which he has walked nightly for fifty years, in which he found peace with the strangeness in his mind!

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