Sunday, May 7, 2017

"Work Song" by Ivan Doig ****

  • Audiobook 
  • US author 
  • Originally published in 2010
  • Set in Butte, Montana
  • Review:  Good golly!  Ivan Doig sure knows how to tell a story!  Set in Butte, Montana, this is the story of a character I would describe as an all grown up Yom Sawyer.  Morry has a big heart, a daring spirit and is a quick thinker which tends to get him into and out of tricky situations.  The story pits a copper mining company against the union in a bit of a "high noon" atmosphere.  It all comes down to a song...yep, a song.  It has a love story,  lots of tense situations, an urban legend librarian and more.  Wonderful read!

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