Thursday, May 11, 2017

"Abahn Sabana David" by Marguerite Duras *****

  • French author
  • Originally published in 1970, translation in 2016
  • Open Letter Series
  • Review:  Reading this novella was an experience akin to reading "Waiting For Godot".  I was left feeling confused and disturbed, with only two certainties.  The world is full of chaos and uncertainty, and communication is everything.  The plot, as nearly as I could make out, was about assassins sent by the Communist party to execute a Jew who had discussed the concept of freedom with one of their members.  Duras is a master of language and intentional prose.  I do not think she misplaces a single word.  Powerful, difficult to decipher and to take emotionally, and remarkable in its impact!

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