Tuesday, February 14, 2017

"The Mortifications" by Derek Palacio. *****

  • Early Review edition for LibraryThing.com
  • Cuban-American author
  • Originally published in 2016
  • Debut novel
  • Review:  Merriam Webster dictionary defines mortification as " the subjection and denial of bodily passions and appetites by abstinence or self-inflicted pain or discomfort."  Palacios debut novel is absolutely lovely.  It captures the immigration experience and the mortifications which ensue in a manner purely Cuban and, yet, also American.   The stark and the mysterious try desperately to co-exist until one side wins out and, of course, I will not say which!  The themes of love, yearning, spirituality, fear, life and death all run fluidly with the plot.  I am definitely looking forward to Palacio's next novel!

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